Disney World Resort in Florida

While the Magic Kingdom and Epcot are the two cornerstone parks of the Disney World Resort in Florida, the two newer theme parks should not be ignored. Disney's MGM Studios and the Animal Kingdom are fun and exciting theme parks that feature a variety of rides, attractions and shows. Each theme park has a unique theme that is translated all throughout the park through d├ęcor, the types of attractions and the various performers that are encountered.

Disney's MGM Studios in the Disney World Resort in Florida showcases the Hollywood glamour and image that was prevalent in the early twentieth century. This theme park used to be a working studio, but now is mostly for show. While there are still shows and movies partly shot on set, this is becoming more of a rare thing. MGM still tries to invoke the feeling of Hollywood with tours through the various soundstages, stunt shows and rides that display the fun and excitement of Hollywood. There are two stunt shows at MGM. Both these shows feature actual stunt men and women demonstrating the various stunts that are performed in movies. There is also a large selection of rides that take you through the various stages of Hollywood and the movies it has made. MGM also has attractions such as the Tower of Terror and Aerosmith's Rockin' Rollercoaster which, while they don't have too much to do with Hollywood, still give the park a fun flair.

The Animal Kingdom is the newest theme park at the Disney World Resort in Florida. This theme park is a truly unique experience and is unlike any other theme park in existence. This park is one of the largest theme parks on Disney property due to the space required to operate the Kilimanjaro Safari. This safari ride takes visitors through a real safari ride on a recreated African plain. Here, visitors will see various live animals roaming around their vehicle as they drive through. This is an excellent ride to take pictures on as you can see animals in their simulated natural environment. The Animal Kingdom also offers other exciting thrill rides and live shows. The show Flights of Wonder is one of the popular live shows at the Animal Kingdom at the Disney World Resort in Florida. This show features a cast of live birds that visitors can watch as they perform. There are several other shows like this that display nature at its finest. The Animal Kingdom is divided into continents. Each continent is themed extensively from the decorations to the ground you walk on.

These two theme parks are wonderful additions to the Disney World Resort in Florida. These parks have integrated themselves in seamlessly with the two original theme parks, creating a well-rounded resort complex. Whether you choose to visit one park or all four, you can have a unique vacation experience at Disney. The theme parks at the Disney World Resort in Florida are fun and exciting ways to experience the fun and excitement Disney has to offer.

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