Disney World Resort in Orlando

Out of the four theme parks at the Disney World Resort in Orlando, there are two parks which can easily be considered the most iconic. These two parks, the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, are the two parks which were originally in Walt Disney’s plan for the Disney World Resort in Orlando. Although the parks weren’t fully completed before he died, the Disney World Resort in Orlando strives to recognize the dream Walt Disney had in regards to the theme parks and the Disney experience.

The Magic Kingdom is, perhaps, the most iconic park out of the entire Disney World Resort in Orlando. With Cinderella’s Castle in the center of the park, visitors easily associate this castle with the image of Walt Disney World. Each Disney theme park complex has a different princess’s castle. Cinderella’s Castle, along with the castle in Disneyland, is one of the most recognized icons. While there aren’t any rides inside the castle, visitors can dine with the Disney princesses and shop in a medieval themed souvenir store. The gateway through the castles leads guests from Main Street to Fantasy Land. There are other sections of the Magic Kingdom as well, which feature attractions like Space Mountain, the Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Railroad and more. The Magic Kingdom at the Disney World Resort in Orlando has several rides and attractions which make it one of the most popular parks in the resort.

Epcot is the other iconic park of the Disney World Resort in Orlando. With the giant white ball, which some visitors say looks like a giant golf ball, sticking out of the park, you can easily recognize this as the definitive icon of Epcot. Epcot is broken up into two parts. The front part of the park is dedicated to technology and learning. It’s here in the front part where you can ride a simulator to Mars, explore the world of the dinosaurs, play with the latest technology and several other things. In the back half of the park, the World Showcase features several countries. Each pavilion has at least one restaurant featuring cultural food, souvenir stores and some kind of attraction. The World Showcase also has the extremely popular laser and fireworks show called “Illuminations”. Guests line the sides of the man-made lagoon in the center of the World Showcase to watch this display. Epcot is an exceptional park at the Disney World Resort in Orlando.

Whether you choose to visit the Magic Kingdom, Epcot or both theme parks, you can easily see where Walt Disney was headed with his vision. While he never got to see his dream realized, the Disney Imagineers tried to recreate his ideas as best they could. Both theme parks offer a large selection of exciting rides, fun live shows, theming, décor, street performers, souvenir stores, restaurants and many other things. Because of all these elements, the Magic Kingdom and Epcot are two of the most exciting theme parks in the Disney World Resort in Orlando.

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