Disney World Resort Vacations

People often overlook the prospect of Disney World Resort vacations when they visit Walt Disney World. The various theme parks and other activities provide such a temptation that many people don’t look to see what their specific resort offers. Disney World Resort vacations are a wonderful way to not only experience the parks but to also experience a relaxing vacation at the resort you choose to stay at.

Disney World Resort vacations can be extended beyond the theme parks. The resort you stay at, no matter how much you paid for it, features a variety of amenities you can use to turn your stay into a relaxing and fun experience. While you will get more amenities at the more expensive resorts, even the affordable resorts have amenities you can use.

Disney World Resort vacations can be spent as much at your resort as at the theme parks. A deluxe resort, for example, has several different kinds of ways to spend your time. There is typically a large pool complex that is highly themed and decorated. The Beach Club pool, for example, is a large complex that contains an elaborate water slide, lazy river, a whirlpool, several waterfalls, a sandy bottom pool and the capability for several kinds of water sports. A deluxe resort also will have various activities to participate in. The Boardwalk, again to use an example, features several street performer and vendors after the sun goes down. In combination with the clubs, stores and games that are lined along the Boardwalk, this resort becomes an attraction of its own after dark. The deluxe resorts also features such amenities as a salon, spa, hair studio, arcade and many other such amenities.

Dining is an important part of the Disney World Resort vacations. The resort where you choose to stay will have at least one dining option. If you stay at a value level resort you can expect a cafeteria in the main complex. The moderate level resorts will often have a large cafeteria as well as at least one sit down restaurant. The deluxe resorts will have several sit down restaurants of varying caliber as well as other dining options. As a guest of the resort, realize that you can go to other resorts to try out their restaurants and activities as well. The only stipulation Disney has put on resort hopping is related to the pools. Unfortunately, only guests of that specific hotel may use the pool. All the other amenities are open to all Disney Resort guests.

Disney World Resort vacations can be a wonderful way to relax after a day in the parks, or even as a vacation by itself. Many people forget about the amenities their resort offers amid the hustle and bustle of the theme parks and the other attractions Disney has to offer. If you make use of the Disney World Resort vacations, however, you can often find that you will add a nice, relaxing element to your Walt Disney World vacation.

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